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The Poodle is a great family dog! They have such an amazing personality that will just make you fall in love with them. Their looks and personalities are known to be some of the best. They are very smart and loyal companions. Poodles can be known to be a little bit vocal and energetic which makes them a lot of fun to play with. Poodles have a very curly coat which needs to be well taken care of. For the fact that they have curly coats, they need a bit more grooming than other dogs. They are non-shedding and hypoallergenic and that's why a lot of people love their coats! The toy and Miniature Poodles do not need as much exercise as the Standard Poodle as the size difference varies between the three! 

The Standard Poodle usually weighs around 40-70lbs and stands 15+ in.


The Miniature Poodle usually weighs around 10-15lbs and stands 10-15 in.

The Toy Poodle usually weighs around 4-9lbs and stands no more than 10in.

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