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Health Guarantee/Agreement

      This contract is written for the protection of all parties that are involved in this puppy sale.  When the puppy leaves us, it will have been examined by our licensed veterinarian at Rock River Veterinary Clinic.  At this time the puppy will have been in good health to our knowledge.

        You, the buyer, will have 4 business days from the time you get the puppy in your hands to get it checked by a licensed veterinarian.  If at that time a life-threatening defect is found, you will have to alert us immediately.  We will then receive the puppy back to get it checked out by our veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis.  If what was found turns out to be true, we can talk about our options on replacing the puppy with one of equal quality.  We do not do any cash refunds.  If you do not get the puppy checked within 4 business days, you forfeit your right to any replacement.  The buyer is responsible for all the shipping costs to get it back to us.

      We do not cover coccidiosis, giardia, or any other worms that can be acquired by the puppy.  This is for the fact that we treat all these things multiple times before they leave our place.  They are easily able to be retreated if they happen to contract said conditions.

        Once the puppy has left our hands, we are no longer responsible for them.  That includes but not limited to; family or landlord disapprovals, allergies that may arise, behavioral issues, or housetraining.  Koedam’s Puppy Playhouse cannot be held liable for any of the above conditions.

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