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Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a very happy, go-lucky dog. They love people a lot! They have a big desire to please their humans and also need to have all the attention. They usually warm up to anyone quite quickly, which makes them not a very good watch dog. Golden Retrievers are known to be inside with people because they need to be next to them all the time. If outside or away from their owner for too long them may become a little mischievous. Golden Retriever get along with other animals well, but can become jealous over time.The Golden Retrievers coat needs brushing daily, which helps minimize the amount of hair you may find around. Golden Retrievers do shed quite a bit. They also need to have quite a bit of exercise! They love doing all different kinds of things as long as it involves you! 

Our Golden Retrievers will weigh around 70-75lbs full grown.

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